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DÃO caricaturas 提到...

lindos trabalhos PAN.

【#pan】 提到...

Hi,DAO,Thanks your comments, I am very happy.

Poussinaute 提到...

Hi, Pan.
I'll post your Slash soon, I think your drawing is amazing and I want to show it to my followers.
I'm happy because I see that Bodard and Grand are your members, and I can say that I'm a little proud about this !
I like a lot what you draw and I haven't finished to share it.
Congrats, my friend !

Poussinaute 提到...

Bonjour, Pan. I've posted it today. Thanks.

AMBre 提到...

Bonjour, Pan

I like always a lot this one and I've posted it today on my blog.
Thanks and again : Bravo !